Grooming Spa

Grooming Spa

It is the vision of our salon to create satisfied clients by providing professional grooming services that enhance the look of your pet at a reasonable price. We accomplish this by recognizing that each pet is an individual and deserves individual care, with attention to their breed standard, personal style, body shape and personality. GUARANTEED!

As a Nationally Certified Groomer with the National Dog Groomers Association, Precious Paws stays current on all trending pet fashions and health related issues.

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Whether short hair or long, regular grooming for your pet is one of the most basic needs that must be met for a truly happy, comfortable and healthy life. A professionally groomed pet means less time working on your pets and more time enjoying them. At Precious Paws it isn’t just about a haircut and pawdicure: Our spa services ensure the rejuvenation of your pets’ mind, body and spirit. Your family will appreciate a cleaner, happier pet; your pet will appreciate the experience!










Grooming Packages

Bath, Bubbles and More– Massaging Bath with our clarifying House Shampoo and moisturizing Condtioner, external check of and expression of the anal sacs, Professional blowdry and brushing, ear cleaning and/or plucking, nail clipping, light all natural refreshing spray, bows/bandanna.
Pretty Paws – Everything in the Bath package  PLUS…. a trim of all sanitary area inlcuding pads and feet, belly and under tail as well as a neatening of the face.
Precious Paws –  Everything in the Pretty Paws package  PLUS… full body haircut and style of your choice.


Spa Packages

Comfort Spa-For soothing dry, irritated skin…includes Comfort Bath, Comfort Aromatherpy, and Nourish Vitamin Conditioner.
Renew Spa-for deep moisture and revitalizing brilliance by removing excess toxins…includes Renew Bath, Fresh Facial Scrub, Renew Aromatherpy, and Nourish Vitamin Conditioner.
Ultimate Spa-For refreshing purification, circulation, and to combat toxins…includes Fresh Bath, Fresh Facial Scrub, Nail and Paw Bubble Path Soak, Refreshing Aromatherpy, Nourish Vitamin Conditioner, and Dental Care.

Grooming Extras

Eye Envy-Tear stain Remover. Contains no bleach, peroxide or harsh chemicals. Safe for all ages. Available in convenient take home packages.
Dental Care-Pre-treat spay to help soften the tarter. Tarter removal, soothing gum gel and mint breath fresher.
Moisturizing Skin Wrap– A warm, deep conditioning wrap that will add suppleness and elasticity to the coat and skin. Organic Coconut Oil, Hot Oil, Vitamin Conditioner, Keratin Treatments.
Blueberry Facial-Let your pet experience the difference. This tearless facial soak cleans and brightens your pet’s face and offers a relaxing blueberry aromatherpy session to soothe those pets having anxiety.
Color-Add a splash of color to you and your pet’s world. Creative grooming is a new trend-setting option for those who are tired of the same old look. Add a streak, highlight, or be daring and go for an all over look.
Pawdicure-Beyond just clipping the nails, which can sometimes leave them rough and sharp, filling is a safe and effective alternative that leaves the nail smooth. Choose a special bubble bath foot soak with massage for tired, dry or cracked pads and feet, followed by a moisturizing pad ointment. Don’t forget the polish. Offered in a wide variety of colors and shades we are sure to have your favorite.
Soft Claws-For ultimate nail smoothness. Soft Claws are vinyl nail caps that fits over the nail safely and provides 100% protection to floors, furniture, and skin. Especially recommended for owners on blood thinners with thinning skin and for pets who damage their own skin with excessive scratching.
Shed less/ Carding– A special solution and process designed to help rid up to 80% of the shedding and dead hair from your pet’s coat. Less cleaning of your home!
Sugar Scrub Treatment– Sugar scrubs are exfoliating treatments that help to soften the skin and restore a healthy glow. The technique can be used as both a facial scrub and a body scrub. The slightly grainy texture will help remove dead skin cells, while hydrating and leaving behind healthy glowing skin and coat.
Mud Treatment-This deep-penetrating, luxurious mixture cleans, nourishes and helps detoxify the skin, allowing it to better absorb moisture and prepare the skin to receive any further therapeutic treatment. Mother Nature’s prescription for healthy skin and coats, Davis’ Mud Treatment removes dead skin cells, soothes itchy or inflamed skin and enhances circulation. Infused with Jojoba, Olive and Macadamia Oils.
Zoom Groom-If your pet needs special attention for reasons such as age, anxiety, or just feels better with you nearby let us know! Our zoom groom appointment might be what your pet needs. No Crate..No Wait! Reduces the time your pets stays during a grooming appointment.

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