Grooming and Spa Packages

Grooming Packages

Bath, Bubbles and More Massaging Bath with our clarifying House Shampoo and moisturizing Condtioner, external check of and expression of the anal sacs, Professional blowdry and brushing, ear cleaning and/or plucking, nail clipping, light all natural refreshing spray, bows/bandanna.
Pretty Paws  Everything in the Bath package  PLUS…. a trim of all sanitary area inlcuding pads and feet, belly and under tail as well as a neatening of the face.
Precious Paws   Everything in the Pretty Paws package  PLUS… full body haircut and style of your choice.


Spa Packages

Comfort Spa-For soothing dry, irritated skin…includes Comfort Bath, Comfort Aromatherpy, and Nourish Vitamin Conditioner.
Renew Spa-for deep moisture and revitalizing brilliance by removing excess toxins…includes Renew Bath, Fresh Facial Scrub, Renew Aromatherpy, and Nourish Vitamin Conditioner.
Ultimate Spa-For refreshing purification, circulation, and to combat toxins…includes Fresh Bath, Fresh Facial Scrub, Nail and Paw Bubble Path Soak, Refreshing Aromatherpy, Nourish Vitamin Conditioner, and Dental Care.


House Shampoo/Conditoner-Clarifying and conditioning.
Hypo-allergenic-Soap and fragrance free for a more gentle and safe alternative.
Flea-All natural Shampoo kills live fleas and washes away flea eggs without any harsh chemicals. Safe for puppies and kittens.
Brightening-Designed to brighten white coats for a whiter white.
Dark Coats-Designed for black and brown coats to rid the red tones that break up the natual dark color.
Wire Coat-Designed to add texture to Terriers and other harsh coats.
Medicated-For seborrhea, flea dermatitis, and other such skin and coat problems.
Luxury Shampoo/Conditioner-Made with milk, colloided oatmeal, and pure honey for moisturizing dry coats and skin, for the luxurious coat and skin most owners desire in long-coated breeds. A difference you can see and feel immediately
Comfort Spa A combination of Lavender and hydrolyzed oatmeal are designed to relieve stress and leaves coat cleaned and smooth.
Renew Spa– An extremely gentle cocoa derived cleanser with just the right amounts of botanical emollients, ginger root and pink grapefruit to leave the hair shiny, manageable and clean. Removes toxins.
 Fresh Spa– Refreshing vanilla, white tea and stimulating milk thistle have been chosen for their purifying and circulation boosting properties, helping to combat the effects of toxins.
Epi-pet Shampoo– A boutique cleansing agent for dogs and cats. PH-controlled product selectively removes dead skin, dirt, debris, and excessive oils. Leaves skin and coat supple, soft, and conditioned.
 Oxy-med A soothing coconut based shampoo formulated with micronized oatmeal and Vitamin E. Alpha Hydroxys penetrate the lowermost levels of the skin “cleaning out” the skins pores and “lifting” the dirt away. Wheat protein and vitamin B5 supply nourishment for a healthy skin and coat.
 Blueberry Facial Shampoo– The Blueberry Facial cleans and brightens your pet’s face. South Bark’s “3 in 1” Blueberry Facial can be used as a tearless facial wash, a full body shampoo, and a color brightener. It’s relaxing and cleansing.
Blueberry Clove Conditioner– Stimulate and revitalize your pet’s coat with our naturally aromatic conditioning product. This highly moisturizing conditioner is made with scent embedders and a fantastic spicy scent that you will love!
Show Coat-A 4-step process that will bring out the “Best in Show” in your pet’s coat. The system is yours to keep for home use in convenient travel-size bottles in their own bag.